Omnisphere 2 in Worship: Part 4 - EDM Spotlight ARP + BPM

I've been really excited to dig into the new EDM spotlight factory patches. One of the big selling points of the new Omnisphere has been over 400 new waveforms. The original Omnisphere had some basic but useful waveforms but the majority of the sounds were sample based. The new waveforms open up countless possibilities and puts Omnisphere on the same level as EDM favorite NI Massive. Some of them are based on popular synths such as the Prophet 12, Virus, Minibrute, Minitaur, etc.

I've found the majority of the new factory patches were devoted to the EDM spotlight, so I found a lot of favorites. ARP & BPM patches are always tricky to use live since you have to trigger them right on, but I found in playing with these they were very playable & are not just useful for the studio. Below are my top five ARP + BPM sounds for worship as well as a quick & short song I threw together using some of my favorite ARP & BPM patches. On the video, no effects are used on the Omnisphere tracks except on the master bus. 

Top 5 EDM Spotlight ARP + BPM Patches

Childishness - This simple pulse patch is built off a basic sine wave & would sound great on a downtempo worship song as well as a quick uptempo pop track.

Energy Drink Pulse - You need a patch for Hillsong's Relentless? This is your patch. Overdriven but clear & punchy.

Pop Chords - Bright sidechain saw pad with cutoff on the mod wheel. This was one of the harder ones to play due to the extreme sidechain ducking but the final effect is in your face & will cut through a mix.

Essence of Arps - Very playable arpeggiated synth using a Virus waveform. There were a lot of great arp sounds to choose from but this one I could imagine hearing on a Hillsong Y&F song.

Chilling JP-8000 Gated Pad - A soft gated pad that can be used to add a nice pulsing movement to both slow songs & fast songs like in the video below. I've been playing around with a new arrangement of Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) & this gives it a nice subtle movement during the verses.