Omnisphere 2 in Worship: Part 5 - EDM Pads & Bells

Since the meat of the factory presets seem to be in the EDM spotlight, I was excited to hear what they had to offer for pads since that is the bread & butter of any worship keys player. I went through the bells as well, though they are definitely not the traditional sounds you would think of when you hear the word bells but I wouldn't really put them in any other category. 

Top 5 Pads

Killswitch and Chill - A nice warm pad created from the Minibrute Saw waveform and JP-8000 Supersaw soundsource. 

Zoo Epica - A huge phasey pad created from the JP-8000 soundsource. This pad and the Killswitch both show how much you can do with Omnisphere's filter section.

Lucious Airwaves Warm/Wide Pad - I have a feeling that these will become my go-to default pads on Sunday morning. They are very similar, the wide pad being slightly more detuned than the warm pad. This effect becomes more pronounced as you open up the mod wheel and it becomes a huge bright pad.

Lush Supersaw Pad - Huge, thick pad that works well for quick hits as well as big choruses. 

Top 5 Bells

Bell Synergies - Really fast attack without feeling punchy, this patch will layer well with any lead line.

Eurosphere 1 - Saw & square synth with a smoother attack & high octave blend

Odd Chip Bells - Subtle panning & a nice reverb tail put these bells based off a chip wave first on my list of go-to sounds.

Plucked Melodizer - Feeling more like poly keys than bells, this patch has a slow release that makes it easy to overload but is very effective,

Pop Drops Pluck - This one has a bit of an edge to it that makes me want to play 80s inspired horror movie motifs on it. But I can hear this one in any high energy worship song