Omnisphere 2 in Worship: Part 2 - Bells and Vibes

After covering pads in Part 1 of this review series, I thought I would tackle noisescapes and bells. Bells always add nice texture, especially in slower worship songs and droning ambient sounds have been popular lately as well, so I was excited to hear what Omnisphere 2 had to offer in that regard.

I was wrong about the noisescape category though. It seems there are several drones and textures categories and this one is nothing but mean, creepy, and beautifully sampled horror and scifi droning sounds. It inspired tons of ideas for my ambient music project but sadly I wasn't able to find a single noisescape patch for worship. This is not to say that they aren't amazing, they are absolutely wonderful in how creepy they sound, but creepy is not what we want on Sunday morning.

After wading through the scary sounds, I lifted my spirits with the bells and vibes. There were some fun ones and my top five are below!

Top 5 Bells & Vibes Patches

In Memorium 1 - There was something about the attack on this patch that I instantly feel in love with. I want to layer this under a piano part.

In Memorium 2 - Very similar to the previous patch but it has this vintage detuned vibe to it that I want to hear over an acoustic guitar and strings.

Sodastream Bells - This retro synth reminds me of something I would hear off The Postal Service's record. It's fun and has a wonderful dotted 8th delay tail. 

Carillion Reality - This sounds like a synth patch I would have passed over in my old church's Triton back in high school but now I would layer this under a piano or guitar lead line to give it a throwback 80s vibe.

Simple Glassian - The name says it all, just a simple bell. But it's different enough from the Glockenspiel samples I'm used to using that this adds a nice flavor to the bell arsenal.