Omnisphere 2 in Worship: Part 3 - Synths

(Previous posts in this series: Part 1: Pads, Part 2: Bells)

Just as a disclaimer, I didn't touch the new EDM category for this review. Going through all the EDM sounds is my weekend project. 

The original Omnisphere had more synths than I was ever able to even go through, so I was excited to dive into the new synths(For this, I went through the factory categories Synth Mono, Synth Pluck, Synth Poly, and Synth Sweep). I was surprised to find that there were significantly less patches than I was expecting. I'm guessing they saved all their lead synth designing for the new EDM category. But I was still able to find some great ones that I can't wait to use in my tracks and on Sunday morning. 

Top 5 Non-EDM Synths

Analogue Drama - This one probably should be under pads instead of poly synth but I am in love with the LFO vibrato at the beginning. It gives this a nice touch that sets it apart from most big pads.

Classic Roland Synth Brass 2 - There isn't much to say about this, just listen to the youtube video below. It's the classic synth brass, and you can never go wrong with that.

Memory Moog Swellee - I'm in love with the slow attack on this one. It sounds like a bit fat french horn with an amazing reverb tail.

Computer Freak - With ultra fast attack and release, this bright pad will work perfectly on any fast song with lots of choppy chords. 

Post-Modern Duophone - I could arpeggiate this synth slowly all day. I didn't use the mod wheel at all in the video below, it was all just a subtle slow cutoff sweep.