Omnisphere 2 in Worship: Part 6 - EDM Bass & Synth

Part 6 has been long overdue but I was finally able to sit down over the weekend and go through the rest of the EDM synths and pull out my favorite ones that could be used in worship. All of these would be great for Hillsong Young & Free / Planetshakers type worship but I could hear them easily added to more traditional arrangements. The full list is below, and check out the YouTube video to hear my favorites!

Lead Synths

Fat SID Lead
SID Triangle Lead
Unstable Saw Hook
Viral Jupiter

Poly Synth

Electron Organ
Kilowatt Funk
Epic Proportions
Euphoria Anthem
Pop Chords Synth


Drama Wheel Bass
Energy Pluck Bass
Magic Wheel Bass
Mainframe Bass
Octabass Plucker

Synth Pluck

Classic Vibrato Pluck
Comp Copy
Essence of Plucks
Supersaw Plucker Dark