Dreamwave for Mainstage

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Dreamwave for MainStage is a new collection of modern synth wave patches for Mainstage 3 & Logic X. These patches are EXS24 samples created from the Omnisphere 2 waveforms, Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 6, and the Dave Smith Instruments OB-6, to create a unique collection of throwback, vintage sounds that are adapted for modern productions.

These patches are MainStage-only versions of some of my favorite patches from Dreamwave Vol 1 and Vol 2, along with brand new patches sampled from analog synths.

What you get:

  • All 25 patches in a MainStage 3 concert
  • Separate folders with individual files
  • Installation instructions

Logic Pro X users, version 10.2.4 or higher is required.
MainStage 3 users, version 3.2.4 or higher is required.